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Rental offers

Laboratory The rental of the surfaces takes place according to the targets
of notification of usage. When allocation takes place the effect of incursions as to the possible range of products, the profile lines
and an allocation destined for specific purposes is considered.

Alongside the commercial nurturing character for first-time companies and job creation special value is placed upon the synergy effects in respect of the settlement of manufacturing industries.

For tenants in the research centre there are, amongst others, certain prerequisites/conditions on which depend the provision of development funds:
- The period of usage may be generally 10 years as a maximum.
- Those using the research centre may only be small or medium-sized companies (= KMU).

KMU are companies which
- employ less than 250 persons and
- have a maximum annual turnover of 40 million Euros or an annual balance sheet of at the most
  27 million Euros and
- which do not have share ownership of 25 percent or more by one or more enterprises which do
  not fulfil the definition of a KMU.

Please tell us your wishes on the following form. It will be a pleasure for us to answer your questions personally under the telephone number +49 381 4611640 or by email.


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