Research Centre Warnemünde



Surfaces areas/equipment

Plan attic storey On an overall surface area of 5,035 m² the research centre offers laboratory
and office space with modern equipment conceived especially for research, development and production in the fields of bio-medicine.

Plan 3rd floor To fulfil the requirements of our tenants the laboratory facilities are fitted out
in a variety of ways. Features which can be part of the equipment include:
- sterile work benches (up to 1800 mm x 900 mm L/W)
- sterilisation plant
Plan 2nd floor - dust-controlled and air-conditioned facilities
- special large-scale cold room cells (up to -80°)
- feed water treatment plant (partial desalination, permeate)
- compressed air (at least 6 bar consumer pressure)
Plan 1st floor - processing gas supply (nitrogen, hydrogen argon, oxygen, helium)
- waste water treatment
Plan ground floor  


Research Centre Warnemünde